Over the years, I have accomplished quite a few things, to which I will also say that that is entirely not enough... if I would've known back then what I know now

My main achievements have been in producing three books (and working on two more right now),
  1. When a Black Man Loves (more info, link)
  2. When a Black Man Loves
    $11.95 ISBN 0-9768359-0-8, Ika, LLC.

    When A Black Man Loves is more than simply the ruminations of its author, Zachary Harris. It is a statement regarding basic human dilemmas: ecstasy and pain, risk and rewards, richness and barrenness. The book stands at the crossroads of race, Americana, the hood, class, and beauty and renders a verdict on life and why we even bother to live it. You might put When a Black Man Loves on your coffee table, but it probably won't stay there long. You'll put it on the nightstand and read it while your lover prepares to join you in bed. It will be your friend (or foe!) when your life is breaking apart or when it is just starting to come back together again. You may put it down for several years, but you will eventually pick it up again. It is hallowed, haunting ground that doesn't brook fools well. Don't read this book unless you are ready for it to read you.
  3. When a Black Man Still Loves... Even Though (Sisters, there are still some good ones left) (more info, link)
  4. When a Black Man Still Loves… Even Though (sisters, there are still some good ones left)
    $14.95 ISBN 0-9768359-1-6, Ika, LLC.

    picks up where When a Black Man Loves left off.
    In actuality, it is two books. It is the analysis of Black men and love, exploring multiple aspects of Black men in relationships. It not only dissects the platform and position of Black men through their history, behaviors and mental pathology but how those things factor into the wants and wishes of Black men in relationships. It also looks at the other side of the equation in regards to what Black men face in regards to the beliefs and attitudes of Black women. It is an analytical view regarding love and the Black man. It basically takes apart the essence of the African American male, and slowly starts to relate that to his choices, decisions and actions when it comes to living, and to loving, as well as avoiding relationships. It looks at what turns then away, as well as looks at some of the issues [and concerns] that they have with themselves, as well as with the rest of the world.
  5. The Men's Dump Survival Guide and Field Manual (more info, link)
  6. The Men's Dump Survival Guide and Field Manual
    $12.95 ISBN 0-9768359-2-4, Ika, LLC.

    There is a manual for just about everything: how to fix a car, please a woman, even one to make friends and impress people. But there has never been a manual for getting over being dumped.

    The Men's Dump Survival Guide and Field Manual, comes to the aid of men struggling with broken relationships and broken hearts. Written as a step-by-step manual toward a positive outcome and outlook, the lessons in this book could be applied to the disappointments of losing a job or even not making the cut for the sports team.

    Using a "5-Step Program" with the acronym GETUP, Harris advises readers to Get over it, Evaluate what happened, Take action, Utilize what they have learned, and Proceed and Progress with the rest of their lives. The book also includes "The Ten Commandments of Reformation and Reconstruction."

producing one documentary (and I have ideas for three more down the pike),
  • When a Black Man Loves: The Men Speak (more info, link)
  • When a Black Man Loves: The Men Speak

    What happens when you take six Black men, ranging in ages from 25-56, put them with the author, the book, some good Leikheim™ beer, nachos, and let the cameras just roll?

    It was just bound to happen. I got so much feedback from the book, both from men as well as women that I figured the next step was to do an open forum of all brothers and just let women hear how we feel. This will be the first volume in probably a short run series [in which will go undoubtedly deeper into the hearts of Black men].

    The beauty of this DVD is that it is not scripted and is just free-flowing. We have an assortment of characters in this round table.

    • A young ex male exotic dancer turned radio personality.
    • A pharmacist and loving husband and father.
    • A postal worker who remembers making the mistake of leaving "the one."
    • A hard-working white-collar city employee trying to make sense of it all.
    • A retired and divorced chemist.
    • An activist/social worker who is in the third year of his [first] marriage.

    While this in no way gives an accurate range of the players, it is just a brief glimpse of them. The cast encompasses men who have worked both blue-collar and white-collar positions, who have loved and lost, did good and did bad.

    We look at the ups and downs, as well as what we thought we wanted, to what we now know or think that we need. This is definitely a must see for Black women, as well as any woman who has wanted to know how we think and what goes on in our minds. It is also a must see for men just to feel the vibe and start some dialogue with their circle of friends.

and learning a bunch of instruments, rhythms, and music from Brazil, Africa and the Caribbean which has greatly expanded my horizons. Through this, I have:
  • done a few recordings merging jazz and African rhythms;
  • been part of a West African dance company;
  • performed as part of various ensembles with world class musicians and dancers; and
  • have produced and recorded some jazz tracks with songstress Etta Purcell and some local Philadelphia musicians.
Last but not least, I have produced a bunch of my own websites which I will be launching in 2006.

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